Dinner Theatre

The Mystery Café

The Mystery Cafe' 2023 Holiday Season
At Majestic Oaks

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Showing November 25th - December 30th
"The Xmas Files"

Its Christmas time in Moosepie, MN. This quiet, friendlyr esort town is suddenly rocked by reports of missing time and...missing persons. Could it be alien abduction? Or is the culprit much closer
Former FBI Agents Daisy Summer and Hunt Malloy agree to put their stormy romantic past behind them in order to investigate the strangest, and funniest case they've ever faced!

Showing January 5th - February 17th
"Til Death Do Us Die"

Dearly Beloved;
You are invited to bear witness, as Tara and Duncan tie the noose. Er...knot.
...And having witnesses may prove useful, when saying "I do" quickly turns to "whodunnit?"
Should anyone present know of any reason that this couple should not be joined in holy matrimony, speak now or forever...REST IN PEACE!