Dinner Theatre

Over the River and Through the Woods

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Nick is a single, Italian-American, up and coming young man living in New Jersey, whose parents have retired and moved to Florida. His grandparents (Frank and Aida; Nunzio and Emma), however, still live close by and dote on their only grandson, looking forward to Sunday family dinners each week to connect with and helpfully guide Nick’s life. However, when Nick’s ‘dream job’ in Seattle threatens to steal their grandson away, they scheme (in the most loving way possible, of course) to keep him in New Jersey, not the least of which is introducing him to the beautiful and single Caitlin O’Hare. This is hilarious, family comedy, loaded with laughs for everyone!
Valentine’s Evening:  Doors Open 5:30pm  Show at 7:30pm
Thurs and Sat Matinee’s:  Doors Open 10:45am  Show at 12:30pm
Fri and Sat Evenings:  Doors Open 6:00pm  Show at 8:00pm
Sunday Evenings:  Doors Open 4:30pm  Show at 6:30pm