Dinner Theatre

Grand's Christmas Invitation

Grand's Christmas Invitation
A Musical Comedy by Patti J. Hynes-McCarthy

The Seasons Dinner Theater at Majestic Oaks

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Showing November 27th to December 31st

And it came to pass... that because the kids took the grandkids to Disney World instead of coming home to the farm for Christmas, a decree from Grand went out for someone to join her and Papa for Christmas dinner.  She was of the mind that "If you cook it, they will come." Papa had the notion that a nice quiet Christmas wouldn't be so bad.  Let's just say, a "silent night" was not had by anyone.  Join us for the retelling of the strangest Christmas ever on the farm, combined with several acres of laughter and music.

Tom and Patti McCarthy Emmett Lincoln Jr.
Producers General Manager
The Season’s Dinner Theatre Majestic Oaks Golf Club


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