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A Very "Bayberry" Christmas

A Very "Bayberry" Christmas
A Musical Comedy by Patti J. Hynes-McCarthy

The Seasons Dinner Theater at Majestic Oaks

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Showing November 26th to December 31st

It's 1960 in Bayberry, Minnesota, where Christmas has been the same for decades, and some people would just as soon it stay that way. Aunt Vee is one of them, and even though her nephew, Sheriff Sandy Gaylor and his deputy, Bernie Rife, attempt to reason with her about "progress", she is baffled by the changes she is seeing in her little town. A garish "silver" Christmas tree adorns a downtown storefront. New blue and gold lights now sway in the wind over Main Street instead of the traditional lighted red and green wreaths they've always had, and, she is none too happy about how sacred Christmas hymns have been replaced by Brenda Lee's "Rockin Around the Christmas Tree" as shoppers browse the store windows.  What's the world coming to? Nothing is going to change her mind, but certain circumstances may soften her heart. Join us for this very funny step back in time musical comedy whose characters may seem oddly famliiar to you. 

Tom and Patti McCarthy Julie Fearing
Producers General Manager
The Season’s Dinner Theatre Majestic Oaks Golf Club



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